A vision of Ben Cooper, Merricks Station is a world-class thoroughbred property that brings together like-minded and passionate people.

“We have hand-selected our team, holding the qualities of dedication, loyalty, trust and experience in the highest regard.” Ben Cooper



With business interests focused across the commercial, industrial and residential property sectors, Ben first became involved with racehorses as an owner in a Matthew Ellerton & Simon Zahra trained galloper. The property is currently home to Ben’s dozen broodmares, many that he raced successfully himself, as well as the young horses, yearlings, foals and a number of spelling racehorses.


A loyal and dedicated part of the Victorian thoroughbred community, having previously managed Musk Creek Farm, Dee brings her wealth of knowledge and passion for the industry to Merricks Station. Integral in the initial farm design, Dee is an effective and efficient manager who takes pride in her work and treats each equine resident as if it was her own. Proudly a working mum to two beautiful girls, she believes the positive traits that she has gained from motherhood, raise her standard of work.

Kristy-Lee Heron

Favourite racehorse from the farm is Groovy Kinda Love & Dunkerry. I walked into a racing stable 7 years ago with absolutely no experience what so ever, never even touched a horse and I fell in love straight away and never left and I love that even if I’ve had a bad day or I’m in a bad mood, I can go spend some one on one time with the horses and they make you happy and turn your mood around and I love that they all have their own unique personalities, I tend to gravitate towards the ones with a bit of attitude.

Zoe Zekov

I got in to horses at a young age when my grandparents bought me my first pony for Christmas. From there I haven’t looked back. I knew I always wanted a career with horses and at 15 I started working at a thoroughbred stud in Angaston, South Australia. Working with horses is such a rewarding job. I love watching them progress through their life stages from the moment their born to their careers on the track. My favourite horse on the farm has to be the mare One Funny Honey.

Jordy Legg 

I started in this industry straight out of high school, I was given the opportunity to start night watch during the foaling season at Merricks station whilst I was completing my year 12 studies. From my first shift I was hooked and knew that I had found a job that I could fall in love with. Horses have been a part of my life for as long as I could remember as I have been riding since I was a child, but never would I have thought I’d be where I am today and loving every minute of it. I find that horses are much easier to understand then people, they are the most intelligent and trusting animals. Working with them is the most rewarding job I could ask for. I don’t like to pick favourites however I’d say that Saint Tropez, Miss Frankie and Monks who spell with us all hold a special spot in my heart!


Resident canine spud is a valuable and loved member of the Merricks Station team. Often found sleeping in the sun or welcoming a visitor with a wagging tail, his laid-back attitude can sometimes mean he is asleep during the action…. with Spud often appearing later with a look of “Did I miss the fun again?”