Merricks Station is a professionally designed, purpose-built equine facility. Built from the ground up, the property been cleverly laid out to run efficiently, safely and effectively.

Using the highest quality materials and workmen available, the property is as beautiful as it is functional, allowing the team to dedicate their attention and time to their valuable equine residents.


The Mornington Peninsula region is blessed with ample rainfall allowing the property to produce lush and productive grass growth throughout the year. Formally a cattle property, the paddocks have been extensively renovated with specialised horse-pasture blend, to provide optimal growth and development of young horses. Coupled with gentle, undulating slopes and low stocking rates it is an idyllic setting catering for horses throughout all stages of their lifespan.

We have “walk-in walk-out” boxes available for the spellers in their private paddocks. The horses thrive and recoup brilliantly in an outside environment, while still being able to be restricted in movement while recovering. They receive specialised individual attention, rugging, supplements, treatments, and professional veterinary care while remaining in a relaxing, low-stress setting. Additionally, all paddocks have large double box shelters available to take cover from the elements.

The entire property has been fenced with durable white post and rail PVC fencing to ensure maximum visibility and safety for all horses. This fencing is designed to flex and return to its original shape should a horse come into contact with it, and the soft, moulded shape does not pose a risk, unlike commonly used wire or metal fencing. For the foaling paddocks, “Diamond Mesh” has been used to minimise any injury and is trusted throughout the industry as the safest and most secure fencing for young foals.

The hub of activity at Merricks station is the stable complex. The barn houses 12 well-designed boxes and is complemented by the latest 10-horse walker for the rehabilitation of spellers and to exercise yearlings. Covered by a roof for days of inclement weather, it is a vital tool in building muscle development, conditioning and low-impact fitness. The sand round yard is placed cleverly in the centre of the horse walker which is an essential facility for educating and conditioning young horses on the lunge.