With state-of-the-art purpose-built facilities, immaculate post and rail fencing and a team of experienced staff, all horses are treated with expert care and individual attention. Merricks Station helps your horse to perform to the highest standard, either on the racetrack or through the sales ring.

Spelling & Rehabilitation

Merricks Station provides a relaxed country environment in close proximity to Melbourne and all south-east training complexes where gallopers can freshen up after a race, spell for between preparations or recover after injury or surgery. Spelling and rehabilitation options include shared or private paddocks, day yards, walk-in walk-out boxes or full stabling.

“Racehorses need to return to their trainers in optimal condition – healthy and injury free. Merricks Station has the horses in brilliant condition when they arrive back into the training environment, so you are already lengths in front.” Ben Cooper

Yearling Preparation

Merricks Station is a purpose-built equine property that allows yearlings to thrive during their preparation and sale education. The youngsters are prepared with the aid of a 10-horse covered walker and centre round yard, along with daily hand walking, grooming and individual education. A loyal supporter and proud representative of the Victorian breeding industry, Merricks Station will present high-quality drafts of bloodstock at the major Australian yearling sales.

“With fully renovated pastures, clever paddock layout, and a practical stable complex, the yearlings can enjoy turn out daily, while their diets are managed individually to ensure they look their very best come sale day.” Dearne Gess-Jones.

Broodmare agistment and foaling

Merricks Station offers premium agistment facilities for permanent and seasonal mares, including full 24-hour foaling facilities and care for both pre and post foaling. Headed by farm manager Dearne, who resides on site, there is constant supervision of mares under lights by foaling cameras and expert staff. Merricks Station has been designed to allow the foal to gradually progress to larger paddocks with other small groups at the same stage as they grow and develop. We walk on mares reliably throughout Victoria, and our dedicated post-covering care ensures that each mare has the best chance achieve a positive scan.


Merricks Station weans with kindness, to ensure both the mare and foal experience minimal distress. The weanlings are grouped in herds of the same sex, age and size with a nanny horse, who acts as both a teacher and a comfort. Over six months their education continues. They are rugged, walked by hand and on the walker and taught general manners. Repetition of basic skills ensures our weanlings are well educated and easier to handle as yearlings.

“If you wean with kindness, minimise stress, and adapt the process to each mare, they say thank you by being well-behaved foals.” Dearne Gess-Jones


Professional veterinary services are provided by Kylie Tiller at Red Hill Equine who specialising in equine reproduction. Dearne Gess-Jones has built a strong working relationship with Kylie for over ten years, establishing a high level of trust and mutual admiration for each other’s veterinary skills. With Dearne residing on the property 24/7, and Kylie only minutes from the farm all year round, your horse has access to immediate veterinary care and attention. Additional veterinary services are provided by the highly respected Dr Johnnie Walker. All trainers are welcome to use their own in-house vets to attend their racehorse while spelling or rehabilitating on the property.

Master Farrier Josh Townsend is an astute, up and coming professional with a high sense of pride in his work. Equipped with a calm demeanour when handling foals and young horses, he carries out a specialised job in a relaxed stress-free environment. We work closely with our farrier and vets to monitor hoof and leg growth so any remedial work can be done as early as possible to ensure correct conformation development.